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Rubber Watches: if you’re into rubber watches, you’re into Modify Watches

Rubber Watches - Modify Watches
Some of things we at Modify love the most are made of rubber: the Aerobie (man those things flew far), the exercise ball (otherwise there would be no fun chairs at Modify HQ) and of course Modify’s rubber watches. The straps for all Modify Watches are made of a UV-coated...

Modify’s got a fever, and the only prescription is gold watches!

At Modify Watches, we put our pants on one leg a time, just like everyone else.  The difference is, once we put our pants on, we make gooooooold watches!
You may be too young to appreciate SNL‘s cowbell skit.  BUT MODIFY IS NOT.  Unless you hate laughing, it’s pretty much the best SNL skit ever (check it out below).  You know what else is awesome?  Gold watches. What does “More cowbell” have to do with Modify’s new line...

Modify Finishes Top-12 in Zazzle Open Innovation Challenge

Zazzle + Modify Watches
Modify Watches is a winner!!! Just not the biggest winner. But still a winner! Modify found out last week that Zazzle had selected Modify Watches and 12 others as finalists for the Million Dollar Zazzle Open Innovation Challenge.  While we were not selected among the five top finishers, we were...

What do you modify with your Modify?

What do we modify with our Modify?  SOCKS!!!
By now, you understand Modify Watches.  You may even love us.  Or maybe you just dream of us on your wrist but can’t tell your current watch company for fear they get jealous.  Don’t worry – we’ve heard it all before. And most of those who love us love,...

Baseball season is here! And Brian Wilson’s beard is still strong.

Baseball and all of its glory are back!
Baseball is finally back again!  And Modify Watches couldn’t be happier. MLB just kicked off the first spring training games last weekend, and the fans of 30 different teams could not be more excited.  This is the time of year that Cubs fans can truly dream and Cleveland Indians fans (sorry Aaron)...

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