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Big Watches: Modify Watches are Bigger… and Better

Big Watch - Modify Watches
Big watches?  At Modify, we say “thank you sir, may I have another“. It’s a well known fact that in every pocket of society, except of course the spy world, that bigger is indeed better.  Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger pay checks.  Bigger shoes, bigger shirts, bigger service.  These...

Modify QR Code Watch – Because simply reading time on your watch is soooo 2011

Modify Watches QR Code Watch
Modify is proud to launch the QR Code Watch.  To which you may be thinking any of the following: “Um… you made WHAT?!?!?” “But where are the hands???” “Why would I use my phone to look up a QR code when it says the time on my phone???” “Where...

Introducing the new Gold Face: fresh watches just got a little fresher

Here are just some of the newest combos available with the new gold face.  Special thanks to Angela Borjon for her winning name of "Goldie (c)locks" and to Candice Casas Meredith for naming "Gold Digger"
At Modify, there are a plethora of things that the team really loves.  We love delivering kick-ass customer service.  We love both ponies and peonies, in that order.  We love how amped our watch of the month club members get each month.  Pistachio ice cream would be a love...

Derek Jeter Gift Watch @ Modify Watches

Derek Jeter Modify Watches
Let’s play a little game called word association.  When we say “Englebert”, the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously “Humperdink”.  When we say “watches that look so good on you that you don’t need to wear clothes”, we’re guessing you’re thinking “Modify”.  But when we say...

The Sports Watch of 2012 – Because Modify Watches Likes Sportz

A Modify Watch is the champagne of sports watches, except unlike champagne, Modify won't cause you to feel a little gassy, possibly make out with your ex and wake up with a wicked hangover.  So... yeah, Modfiy Watches is best.
There are many elements of a fine time piece that can make it appropriate (or “appropro” as we use at Modify HQ) or not appropriate (“nopropro”) for your sporting needs.  For example, a watch with a strap made of ramen is likely not the choicest of choice time pieces...

Will you be our Modentine?

Sometimes life and love can be very confusing.  Other times it's very clear.   Get him/her a Modify.  Eat the candy yourself.
Valentine’s Day can be a confusing time for romantic gift givers.  The heart says, “you can’t buy love”, while the significant other says, “Maybe, but you better buy SOMETHING!”.  So you have to get something.  But chocolates are lame, flowers taste like dirt, Hallmark cards are boring and you...

Need to make a good first impression? Try a Modify!

The Orchestra office holiday Christmas tree, with Modify goodness for all
Not too long ago, in the era we describe fondly as “December”, a core member of the ModiFamily and frequent contributor to many of our hair-brained schemes, Peter Bromka (@bromka), changed jobs to join the small but pretty wildly successful Orchestra team (@orchestra), which produces the Orchestra To-Do mobile...

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