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Dear Bloggers, Thanks for Reviewing Modify

A few posts about Modify Blog: Mommy Niri Link: Highlight: “Not only is the watch face bold and clear, the straps are soft and comfortable. The best part? You can change the strap to give it a fresh look or to match your outfit (or mood).”

Bloggers and Modify, sitting in a tree, r.e.v.i.e.w.(ng)

Blog: Mommies with Cents Link: Highlight: “First off, I have to say how much I appreciate companies that not only have a cool product but a personality to go along with it.  Modify definitely doesn’t lack in that department.  Right away you’ll see what a humorous bunch of people the Modify...

The Modify Straps Factory

Continuing from this post about Modify visiting Shenzhen. Below is photo gallery of our Straps Factory

Great choice. Really, really great choice!

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