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Superjail! Fun for the Entire Family

Adult Swim Modify Watch
We are quite proud to announce a limited-edition Superjail! Modify watch, featuring the one (and only) Warden! We worked with he [adult swim] team to design this special little guy… he has a doooooope face and two straps, black and purple. You can buy it here . Then you can...

Dem Press Boys All Like “Modify? Wooooooweeeeeee!!!!”

Some constant themes? People seem to love the fact that Modify watches are “interchangeable watches“. Others note that we’re a great way to build your own watches. If you don’t believe me, see some of the reviews below! Yahoo! Shine Highlight: “Every teen needs a good watch, but don’t bore...

Sneakerhead love for Modify

Great review from Kicks Addict! Looks like Modify does a pre-tty nif-ty job if you want to match your kicks, mr. and mrs. sneakerhead. Aaron is Mr. New Balance, so he only wears the white-gray combos… Check out the Kicks Addict review: “Modify Watches launched its sophomore collection of dope...

Thrillist says “STYLE” to Modify Interchangeable Watches

We launched our product on 11/11/11… and on the first day, our interchangeable watches were featured on Thrillist!

Modify 2.0 has launched. Now the whole family can enjoy dope interchangeable watches

A few days of around-the-clock work (Ashil takes the east coast days, Sean takes the west coast nights, Aaron sits in a lounge chair in Hawaii…). And now, finally, it’s official. Modify 2.0 is here! So what’s there to see? What’s there to know? 1,000,000,000’ish choices [because these are interchangeable watches]

Modify 2.0. Create Interchangeable Watch. Build Site. Communicate with ModiFamily. Chocolate

Hey y’all. It’s 1:17am on Thursday, November 10. Sean and I are up working (we have the night shift; Sean is coding, I’m doing yoga). Ashil had the day shift and took, oh, 3,141,592,653 photos. I also had the pleasure of doing dinner with Matt Barnes, packaging maven, to...

News. Modify. Check it. Interchangeable Watch. Democracy.

Blog: Watch Match Maker Link: Highlights: “Where Modify watch soars is in the design, which is very modern and takes its cues from Bauhaus with its geometric lines and forms: a circular dial within a square palette.” “What was the reaction to me wearing this watch? I was stunned to find...

And the (Modify review) hits keep coming

Blog: My Four Monkeys Link: Highlight: “Do you or someone you love have a bold fashion sense? Do you like bright colors and fun funky accessories? Then you will definitely want to check out Modify Watches. […] Durable and sporty, Modify Watches allow you to express yourself with a different color...

Interchangeable Watches the Modify Way

It’s a great question After regaling you with (fascinating) insights into how to make Modify straps here and here, it’s time to see where the real customization happens! How do we make interchangeable watches? Follow this process Modify puts the “custom” into “dope” into “interchangeable watches”. That sentence may not...

Modify in the Newsies OR Why top-ten movies ever should be repeated every day on TV

Blog: Planes, Trains & Taxi Cabs Link: Highlight: “Modify Watches are modular. The faces and the straps are interchangable. With a variety of faces and straps, the combinations are endless and … awesome! Grandpa is “modeling” the black face with the black band. Classic colors for any day!” Blog: As Mom Sees It Link:

Great choice. Really, really great choice!

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